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The Standards of the Worthy

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The Standards of the Worthy in the System

Lecture by Academician M.Y. Meaniye
International Association of Non-Governmental Organizations of the System
25 January 2009

1. The Role of Standards

Every man, who is just familiarized with human history, knows quite well: where there is a moral standard there are outstanding achievements, there are personalities with high qualities. There are lots of examples: ancient Sparta, Roman legionnaires, Russian aristocrats, medieval knights, samurais, and many others. The opposite is also true: where there are no standards, there is willfulness, chaos, ruining and time of troubles.     
Moral standards neither exist nor work by themselves. Very few think about this, but these standards are the basis of all spheres of the life of a society. In other words, to make the standards work, there should be the mechanisms providing the formation of the human as a personality and the mechanisms, which maintain these standards in social life.

What are these mechanisms? First, it is the moral basis, this is often religion (basic beliefs of the person, one’s principles, moral values). Secondly, it is education, culture, ethics. With high standards they are of the highest quality, mainly because the weapon cannot be trusted in a primitive person’s hands. A warrior-aristocrat should take responsible and complex decisions quickly and precisely, and this requires high internal culture, a good life value, precise and delicate tuning. This personality represents the country at the highest level, communicates with National Leaders, so these people’s culture should be quite developed; in earlier times jeopardizing ethical laws and the laws of honesty were punished by career and life. Besides, there are traditions. They are not just for pleasant leisure, though life should give enjoyment, but they ennoble a personality and form appropriate relationships. Moreover, for the person to be worthy there have always been the laws of honesty and the state laws with a high level of responsibility. All this taken as a whole has already worked and opened to people ways to the annals of history, allowed people to demonstrate outstanding achievements and become worthy examples of very high qualities.

If one compares the best samples of the past with modern society, one has to acknowledge a definite lag of the latter in many respects, excluding technologies and professional education. This lag is observed in all respects, beginning with physical development where the statures of our contemporaries are even shameful to compare with the sculptures of Ancient Rome or Greece (here the range of drawbacks encompasses both obesity and being puny); furthermore, if it comes to relationships, what used to be elated and beautiful now turns into dirt and depravity; and ending with the fact that Service used to be the basic value of at least upper classes in the heydays of a society. It was a matter of honesty for a person to give his life for the Motherland, Faith or Tsar. And now we witness anxieties, fears and thriving utter selfishness instead of the service. Alas, this is considered a norm in the life of a modern person.

Reasons of such condition. On the one hand, nowadays there are no universally acknowledged standards either in the country or throughout the world. On the other hand, as a matter of fact, science doesn’t study either the ways a personality may become strong, happy, perfect and successful, nor the standards, which may be the most vital for the society. There are no even budget expenditures for such purposes. The research of microbes along with different minerals or fossils turns out to be in focus much more often than the human himself.  Is there any evidence of it? School or university syllabi practically do not presuppose a single hour for the formation of personality. During a pitiful “class hour” the teacher does not know what to do. Certainly, in one way or another in highly developed countries these tasks are fulfilled through traditions, through laws, through religious consciousness, but this does not solve all problems completely. This is confirmed by the statistics about depressions, suicides, crime rate and drug addiction. In the developed countries, notwithstanding all their achievements, all this is present to the same extent as in the CIS states, probably, a little bit less.

The standards of previous epochs are still preserved in their minimum. In general, they either do nor work or are gone to the past. The first reason is their incongruity with the time. Now everything has changed: life tempo, people’s education, requirements to people. On the other hand, there is the domination of what corresponds to the values of a consumers’ society: the sway of money, which is a feeding ground for venality, business built on vices and mass culture, cultivating consumerism etc. On TV screens we see what is sold well but not what makes a personality worthy. This is in a nutshell of the role and history of standards.

2. The Standards of the Worthy in the System

The standards we offer to the society have been developed as a result of our System functioning. Daily and very intensively, from theoretical research to daily practice. This is the basis of our activity for the nearest observable future. Our aim is to initiate these Standards in all the spheres of social life. To be highly efficient, they should be developed very thoroughly. So, these Standards correspond to the highest requirement – the requirement of the academic level (that is these requirements are set initially). There are dozens of such requirements, and there is worth presenting some of them.

The first is their universal character. Our task is to develop the Standards which could be fair for any country of the world, regardless of religion, language, sex or even the level of income of the person. To have a good potential our standards should be acceptable for an overwhelming majority of population. This does not mean that everyone will go and do, this means that this is possible to implement in principle.

The second requirement is that all the Standards should be complete and efficient.  That is they do not concern a part of the personality or a part of life but the personality on the whole. From one’s beliefs, values, aims, self-possession, way of life and image to the most elementary reactions or habits. This should be a full-valued Personality with a complete system of aims, which would give one the best result. Strength, Happiness, Perfection, Success and everything that provides them should be reflected in these Standards, this is on the one hand. On the other hand, they should be completely applicable for every organization, which accepts these Standards, for every country, for the society as a whole. Actually, this is just the matter of time when the enterprises, which do not cultivate corporative culture, do not form a human as a personality, but take it easy may turn incapable in competition, not interesting for people¸ because it is boring or hard emotionally to work there. It’s the matter of time when people will understand that.

Thethird is the very basis for standards. It can’t be religious for they may turn unacceptable for all the other religions. The basis for our standards is scientificScientific basis is universality, compatibility with any educational system, in any country of the world; this is the reason of the international nature of science. This is the possibility to verify every word we say by practice. This is the possibility to continuously improve the Standards we offer to the society. If the requirements of time change then the Standards should change with them too. So, the basis of our activity is a scientific basis. Naturally, everything created before us is worth considering and using in the best way.

The Standards tell: what one should live for and how one should live, what makes one’s life full-valued, interesting, worthy and efficient.

About the Standards

The first standard is something that used to be the basis of the elite of the society in the heyday of Civilization, that is Service. This stands for the highest person’s motive when one lives with great pleasure, wishes good to this world and works for the common weal. In many respects this makes the basis of non-governmental organizations activity. This standards should substitute utter selfishness in the souls of a lot of people (their logo is to ignore everything but one’s personal interests, everything irrelevant of one’s personal interests seems weird). This is just a primitive idea of oneself. All the best in the world has been created by the people with an open higher component of consciousness.

The second standard is Development. Every person who achieves the highest results in life, as a rule, works on himself from childhood to old years. And this is normal for him/her. People with, putting it mildly, modest achievements, who make the majority, are sure that they are right and never change at all.  That is why the development, formation of the human as a personality should become a norm for everyone, who takes the road of the Worthy people. Development is elimination of all problems in the human’s soul, one’s life, and cultivating corresponding virtues. For the person step by step to ascend to the highest ideal which one is possibly able to reach.

The third standard is Self-Realization. Nowadays in many cases people do not enjoy what they are doing: either scarcely survive or earn by all means or somehow go to work and back home in deep stress. Not fascinating. There’s a lot of parasitism, sponging, not worthy for a human. The task is to make achieving the highest self-realization a norm for every person. So that every person learned to create and enjoy what one is doing. So that one could build one’s career honestly and respected oneself for this.

The fourth standard is Relationships. The task is to oust all the vulgarity, primitivism, all unworthy, false, superficial in our society (including all the other negative personal human qualities), and come to the relationships which one now can only dream about. Sincerity, trust among the people, respect and the highest ethics. Deceit and adultery will give way to fidelity and devotion. Reviving the best in relationships.

The fifth standard is Traditions and the Way of Life. There is more than enough of the primitive and vulgar around us. The task is for the human to rest by body and soul. For the traditions to bring one deep satisfaction, to make people closer and bring out the talents they have potentially. For the one to make one’s body fit and perfect.

3. Realization of Standards

Certainly, the standards won’t work by themselves. One needs powerful mechanisms to realize all this. Corresponding Projects are developed for this purpose in our System. They are complex in terms of the influence on people within the directions they presuppose. All the projects are mainly worked out, but it may take many years to bring them to a logical conclusion.

Service.The project “Spiritual Revival of the Human and Society”. Its significant feature is dependence on the profession (business, mass media, politics etc.), it stipulates the aims we set and the tasks to be solved for this. Science should start studying the Human: how to form oneself as a person. Education should cultivate this. Everybody knows that one’s success in career depends by 15-20 per cent on one’s professional skill, all the rest is one’s personal qualities: purposefulness, tactfulness, sociability, discipline, self-possession and many others. Nobody teaches this. Every sphere of social life according to the Project has its own aims and tasks for corresponding non-governmental organizations and enterprises.

Development. The first of the directions. To make the programs of forming a Personality accessible for the maximum audience the Internet TV is involved (the basic approach here is minimum fee). The Coaching Federation is responsible for creating our professional staff. To work in this sphere, to form a human as a Person, to be a governor, a teacher is not everyone’s cup of tea. If there are just 3-4 per cent of successful businessmen, then those who are able to teach people success are lots fewer. The Centre “Human Development” is responsible for creating our basic staff, those who’ll launch and support the projects.

Self-realization.In business we are developing our own directions. One of our departing points is that if one forms oneself as the Worthy, a Person, why should one work where it is not cultivated? One should better belong to the staff of our business subdivisions. There is a condition to our non-governmental organizations and business subdivisions: only the one who meets the Standards of the Worthy is entitled to belong to such staff. Otherwise, a person is just a headache. If a person meets such Standards, everywhere will he/she be the most desirable chief or officer. One of our ultimate aims is to make our Standards and one’s meeting them a “quality guarantee” that one is honest, disciplined and everything one does is done in the best way. That one has enough necessary skills.

Traditions.Here our direction of Corporative Culture works. Traditions are to be ennobling, perfect and complete: from five-minute holidays to balls. We have programs in Coaching, Business and Corporative Culture.

Relations. We are developing and fulfilling everything to make them the best and possibly imaginable in cherished dreams.  Statistically, majority of divorces take place after holidays. Spouses have time to talk to each other, but do not have common topics. When there is little in common the relations will always be superficial and false. But they may be sincere. People they may talk to each other to their heart’s content, when there is a powerful common basis, when people have common values, common interests: from traditions to Service, all common life targets. Such relationships, such groups of people will be the most fascinating; such relations will be the purest and closest. This may happen also because these people will be taught to settle conflicts sitting at a round table and solving problems within 3 minutes. These are the processes which unite people. But people should be purposefully taught this: how to build relations, how to solve conflicts. Our programs are also dedicated to this.

How is all this going to be put into practice? We don’t and never had illusions as for this. In many cases one doesn’t have time to think, one reacts by reflexes. For it is easier to say: “It won’t work”. “I can’t”, “It’s impossible” then to stop and think, moreover to change something inside (one’s beliefs, habits). That’s why we don’t hope for common acknowledgment, at least right away. The new always has tough times coming. Majority of classics were acknowledged posthumously (say, Tsiolkovsky). But if something is rational, it will be realized anyway. Our approach is to realize it relying upon our own strengths. Train our own staff, which meets the Standards of the Worthy. We should finance ourselves and be independent. Should do the matter and achieve the aims, for which our organizations are created.

Our rules for this should be the best of all, one is able to understand. They should be bounding, presupposing 100 per cent responsibility for everything that one has done: if one has told a lie or stolen, a person or organization should be immediately excluded from our System, all contacts quitted; if one is responsible, one will answer before Law. In this case every word said by our representative will be truthful. This is how it happens in civilized countries, for example, Japan, when the word of a businessman has a better weight than an agreement; the same was in Tsarist Russia. Said and done.

In the further reports there will be the details of main tasks which should be solved for realizing all our projects. Here is their essence.
Firstly, it is the strategy of the Association’s development both in Ukraine and abroad.  So that all mechanisms and information were developed to the condition when any interested person, say in Alaska, could get all necessary information and create a branch (on the Internet one should find everything, from the Statute to instructions).

Secondly – about promotion. One should use all opportunities: first of all the Internet, for it has no boundaries; our books, in the nearest future our own newspaper will be issued. Then new resources will appear: our own television channel will appear, first, cable then air one.

The third task is to create conditions for interaction with every person and every organization. And to ask to give honest and sincere answers to the questions: “Do you personally wish the Standards of the Worthy work in our society, or do you wish otherwise? Do you want your children, friends, relatives to be worthy people or do you have better variants?” The answers may be officially located on the site.

Our legal service should provide invincibility of the organization, provide the best protection of our interests in every branch.
Financial mechanisms should provide as many people as possible with an opportunity to work professionally in our System both in non-governmental organizations and business-structures.

Winding up, I would like to wish you to find an answer to the question: “Do you wish to yourself, your relatives that all the best in human were yours? That the Standards of the Worthy became the norm of your life?” And that the answer enabled you to respect and live peacefully. If the answer is “Yes” then please participate in our programs and projects. Reformulating a well known phrase, one may say: “Future will come inevitably. Lifeisshort. Don‘t be late to take the road of the Worthy”.

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