1.1. Of the author


1.1. The information of the author of the System Development of the Personality

Mikhail Yurjevich MIANIYE


The Originator of Development of the Personality
philosophic and practical System,
the Founder, the Honourable President, the Scientific Supervisor
of the Kharkov Regional Nongovernmental Organization
Centre Development of the Personality,
the Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
of the International Diplomatic Academy,
of the European Academy of Natural Sciences,
of the Academy of Security, Defence,
Law and Order Problems of the Russian Federation,
the New York Academy of Sciences,
Ph. D., Grand. Ph. D., the Knight of the International Knights Union
and of the Saint George order, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

Biographic essay

Mikhail Yurjevich MIANIYE (Dyukarev)

         Born on February, 1st, 1964 in Lugansk region (Ukraine). He graduated from Kharkiv institute of radio electronics and its post-graduate course. He served in the army. He studied and then instructed in the Academy of Yoga. Later he became its Pro-rector. Since 1992 he has been working on the creation of his authors System: the Centre Development of the Personality Kharkov regional nongovernmental organization, other organizations, author's school, system of knowledge and the corresponding projects.
         M.Y.Mianiye is one of a few of modern researchers of spirituality, its influence upon development of the Person, Organization and Society, working in the CIS, the founder of Development of the Personality philosophical and practical System, which aspires to become a new Teaching according to its completeness and comprehensiveness.
         The basis of his approach lies in the following. Any person would like to be Strong, Perfect, Happy, Successful and to live in the great and beautiful country. The Author considers that it is possible and vitally important to achieve this end, to shape the ideal person and society stage by stage. For this purpose spirituality, the worthy aims, the supreme values Honour, Nobleness, Justice, and many other things should enter all the spheres of social life at qualitatively new and higher level. They should enter via the science as it is the guarantor of truth at present. For the high school children will be taught eventually first of all for the sake of what it is worth to live and what to trust in, how to set and achieve objectives, how to shape oneself as a personality, to uncover maximally the potential. In order to achieve the creation of new traditions that elevate and ennoble the person, arouse feelings and the best merits of the soul in culture, in a way of life. In order to attain to creation of the code of Honour this will be such as to cause service to the society and the native country in the highest sense, to cause the pride and trust of people in their elite. And with the end to implement those ideas into life the Author and the organizations of the System do their best.
         Activity of the Author and the System is varied and unique in many respects.  
         Scientific work lies in creation of theoretical base for achieving all the objectives set, in the development of projects and programs, in the preparation of scientists and other specialists. The basic works of the Author are: the monographs the Laws of the Creator, Philosophy of the Cosmos, Consciousness of the Human Being (all in all 8 monographs and 3 booklets), more than 20 educational programs. All the elaborated programs are being successfully realized in practice. The main of them are: the thematic courses Practical Philosophy (an analogue to the higher spiritual and esoterical education, 5-7 years) and the internal program of the Centre (7 years and more, doctoral fellowship).
         Social activity (service) is the practical realization of the set objectives within the uniform Spiritual Revival of the Person and Society Project: from charity and patronage of arts to politics (ideology) and The Golden Age festival movement.
         In the System, the special attention is paid also to the purposeful forming of mutual relations and the way of life of the Noble Ones: at the level of the highest ethics, feelings, mutual aid, first of all conformity of the specialists with the highest requirements; introduction of the perfect traditions, regular carrying out of recitals, balls and parties, creation of various debating-societies etc, meant to create the example worthy to be followed.

         At present more than 500 people study at the Centre. 17 branches of the Centre were opened in the regional centres of Ukraine in 2006-2007. The nearest plans are to open several new branches, foreign ones including, and the admission of the basic Project to the international level.  

         The Centre is the laureate of the Top 100 enterprises of Ukraine in the Science and Culture nomination (Assembly of business circles, 2005).  

         M.Y.Mianiye is the Academician of RANS (the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia), EANS (the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Germany), ASDLO (the Academy of Security, Defense, Law and Order problems, Russia), IDA (the International Diplomatic Academy, Belgium-Russia), NYAS (The New York Academy of Sciences, the USA), Grand Ph. D., Ph. D., Doctor of Philosophy, professor, member of the Department of Professorial Trusteeship of WUDSES (the World University of the development of Science, Education and Society, Belgium-Russia).  

         He is conferred the following ranks and awards:  
         The Knight of the International Knights Union, September, 2007;  
         The international award of the Millenium (For development of the Project Spiritual Revival of Person and Society, humanization of society and personal contribution to development of humanity, Assembly of business circles);  
         the cavalier of the Highest Public Decoration of Russia the Order of St.Alexander Nevsky FOR ACTIVITIES AND FATHERLAND of the I degree (For the great success in creation of the System), Russia, Moscow, December, 2006, only one person in Ukraine));  
         the Silver George medal Honour. Glory. Work of the IV degrees, 204, with conferment of the title the Knight of the order Saint George (For creation of the Development of the Personality esoteric philosophic and practical System, the International Academic popularity rating the Golden fortune, Ukraine, Kiev, September, 2006);  
         The Diploma and Silver cross For diligence, 9, in work on revival of traditions of the nobility and allegiance to the principles of Honour, Dignity and Justice (the Union of Descendants of the Russian Noblemen and Kharkov Provincial Nobiliary Assembly, March, 2005);  
         the Breastplate The Leader of the XXI century and the diploma of participant of the edition Kharkov is 350 years old. 500 influential persons (Assembly of business circles within the limits of the national image program The Leader of the XXI century, August, 2004);  
         the diploma For significant contribution to development of the civil society of Ukraine (the project 500 influential persons. Winners of Ukraine, October, 2004);  
         the diploma and the medal For significant achievements and skill in the publishing business (International book festival The world of the book 2005, April, 2005).  

         Below is given the following:  
         1. The general approach to the Authors activity and the activity of the System. The basic aims and tasks practically not used and not realized in the world science.  
         2. The basic theories in philosophy, psychology and political science developed by the Author and underlying the practical activities of the System. They do not have any analogue.  
         3. The basic results of the applied researches: The Standards of the Noble Ones (the Ideal), the programs of education (Shaping of the Person), the projects (Service). They do not have any analogue.  
         4. The basic practical results of the activities of the System for the period of 14 years: the development of the followers, mutual relations, traditions, external activity etc. In many respects they are unique.  
         5. The strategy of development of the System for the nearest 7-10 years.  

1. Setting of Aims and Tasks

         The progress of modern science and the society in different fields is undeniable. But on the other hand, a lot of problems have been also accumulated in the society: because of corruption, criminality, drug addiction, ecology etc. So a human being still has not become Powerful, Perfect and Happy.
         The cause lies in the lack of spirituality: neither at school nor in higher educational establishments a person is purposely taught to believe in something, how to set aims, how to organize oneself as a personality, how to find and not to lose friends etc.
         Now these problems are partly solved in its sphere by religion, and various spiritual and esoteric schools. As for the society as a whole, the Science and first of all philosophy and psychology has to solve these problems and realize the knowledge through the educational system and all the other spheres of the social life (politics, business, public organizations, etc.). The fundamentally new scientific courses: Practical philosophy, Energy and informational psychology and the new unified Theory of Development of the Society (TDS) are being developed for this task.
         The final aim of creation and functioning of the System Development of the Personality lies in achievement of the maximum possible Power, Happiness, Perfection by every person, all the organizations and the society as a whole, domination of lofty spiritual values.
         The problems to be solved in science (theoretical and applied): A. Development of the necessary theories in philosophy, psychology and political science. B. Development of programs for shaping the Person as the Personality, training him for the real life, for bringing into the educational system. C. Determination of spiritual standards common for all world religions, main spiritual and esoteric schools accepted by the science and the public for bringing to the society and all its main spheres. D. For the science the next stage of its development has to be the research of spirituality and inner life of a person. To do the best for this. E. Bring back the lost status of the queen of sciences to philosophy. Others.
         For this to do all the necessary things. 1. To carry out the needed theoretical and applied research, with new theories, methods and programs development. 2. Work out the projects of practical realization of results of this research. 3. To create the necessary conditions (specialists, organizations, traditions, etc.) and realize the projects.  

2. Science. Theory

         System of requirements. The approach applied (developed for philosophy, in many respects it is true also for the rest of directions) is aimed at achieving the maximal practical result for the Person and Society, for nearing of philosophy to the exact sciences, for reinstatement of it lost status of "the queen of sciences, keeping the imbibing of all the best created by the others to itself.  
The main principles:
         1. Easement answers to the questions necessary for everyone: Knowledge (for discovery of potential, inspiration etc.), Aims and Tasks (for the sake of what and how it is necessary to live, values etc).  
         2. Scientific rigidity aproximation to the requirements of mathematics: logicality (completeness, noncontradictory, validity), aspiration for the best decisions (undivided), constant development of the System, its openness.  
         3. Verifiability (efficiency, affinity to the truth) by the results being received: external (passing through situations, achievement of the vital purposes), internal (reactions of consciousness, personal qualities, other).  
         4. Efficiency orientation towards the maximal outlet to the other spheres of knowledge: the common ideology bases, universal systems of estimations and values, methods of perception etc, development of new theories.  
         5. Synthesis unification of the best of all existing (philosophy, values of world religions, esoterics, science, 1/3 of information) in the consistent Whole, completing of the missing links, replacement by something more effective etc (new, 2/3 of information).  

         The key regulations of the author's theories concerning the basic directions of researches are pointed out below: philosophy, psychology, political studies.  

         All these theories have been approved and practically used for the last 15 years within the Centre Development of the Personality and the organizations of the System. All the necessary models are created, results are obtained. The following step is to reveal all the programs to the general public via the Internet TV of the System to get the required transformations of a person and society, to check and confirm comprehensively their validity and efficiency.  

2.1 Philosophy of the System

            The theory of the System is developed according to the specified approach, represents the single Whole, contains set of completely new regulations that as a rule do not contradict traditional Teachings and decipher, develop and expand them. It is given in monographs, brochures and programs of education.
            The structure of knowledge. It is splitting into nonintersecting areas with the help of criteria of logic to form the Whole (The Tree of Knowledge): . Philosophy of the Cosmos (Energy, God, Supreme Laws, Good and Evil, Cosmogony, the basic hierarchies). B .World around (within the limits of the Earth the thin world, society and nature). C. Knowledge about the Person (the general structure, the basic characteristics, development, destiny, the spiritual laws having influence on him). Further detailed elaboration up to a level of practical application (not everywhere yet).
            Philosophy of the Cosmos the key moments. A. It has to arouse all lofty things in a person (on the basis of the knowledge about soul), motivate him to activity as much as possible and allow to reach the completeness of the aims. B. Understanding of Good and Evil is the basis for unification of positive forces (the common service to the God and society) for liberation of person and society from evil (hate, corruption etc). C. Levels of development estimations of the existing things and the basis for forecasting of the following steps of development of person and society.  

            World around. Knowledge about society is one of the basic (common principles). A. Its energy-and-informational model: Knowledge (programs) is forming the Person (object), he is forming all legal and other Interactions (connections, the Whole), they organize the science, other Results (work of the Whole). B. Changes of the model according to the levels and positivity (all components): the Monarchy, Democracy, Society of Spiritual Revival, the Ideal (the maximal conformity with the spiritual laws). C. The Aim of the future society is the Person. The basic condition is the quality of authorities. D. Programs of building of this society.  

            Knowledge of the Person his or her shaping (stages of their life, parental and social programming), spiritual laws (rules of achievement of Power, Happiness, Perfection etc), the aims of life (their completeness, setting), the primary tasks (conditions of achievement of the aims), techniques and a methods of development (changes of oneself and ones life), corresponding programs and organizations, capable to realize these programs etc. Their review is partly given in the following sections.  

            Efficiency, input of the received results in other spheres, first of all in physics (Energy, structure of matter and field etc), psychology, artificial intellect (energy-and-informational model of consciousness, technics of work with it etc) political science (new model of society, its levels of development etc).  

            Applied elaborations like Standards of the Noble Ones, the Project Spiritual Revival of Person and Society etc are used for entrance to education etc. They are in great demand and accessible to acceptance: the Knowledge (the attitude towards oneself, this world etc according to the set requirements), the Aims (including all components of life, their significance, estimation etc), the Tasks (from the learning ability to a self-control), system of values and so on.  

2.2. Psychology

            Energy-informational psychology contains fundamentally new regulations for a science: the energy-and-informational model of consciousness (soul) which eliminates many blank spots, gives understanding of phenomena etc, levels and techniques of development of the person (one of the bases for the Theory of Development of Society (TDS), techniques of development (growth of opportunities for preparation of the elite and other specialists with lofty merits etc) and others.  

            Energy-and-informational model of the Person. The basis is the idea of the general principles of the structure, mechanisms of arbitrary energy-informational systems operation, Energy (its structure, properties etc). It creates the logic conditions for entrance of spirituality and another reality to the science. It is the basis for shaping of many subsequent ideas.  

            The science begins there where measurements start the estimations necessary as the basis for decision-making. The basic estimations (general characteristics) developed in the given System. A. Levels of development (of person, creatures, knowledge, society etc) are the qualitative steps of growth of power, complexity, perfection, opportunities etc (first of all depend on abilities of processing of the corresponding information). B. Positivity is a degree of conformity with the ideals of the Creator, Good etc.  

            Setting of the objectives is the most complicated problem for thinking and the basic question for each person to answer (sense of his life). A. The Powerful aims arouse the spiritual and other forces of the person, help him to enter into the game (the life is interesting). The ideal is to live on the wave of inspiration. B. When the aims are complete and positive it is possible for the society to involve potential of the citizens to the maximum, automatically superseding the negative aims and the corresponding qualities and habits. The Supreme aims are Service to the God and society, Development. The basic are Work, Mutual relations. The supporting are Rest, Way of life, Money.  

            The primary goals are the problems of development (what to learn) necessary for each strong person (personality) to achieve almost any significant aim. 1. Forming of correct knowledge. 2. Work with the Aims. 3. Self-control. 4. Management of time. 5. Skills in affairs.  

            Techniques of development are the methods of self-modifying, maintenance of the required state of mind and self-control. Self-modifying is for building of oneself according to the set object (model of the personality). Maintenance of the morale peace, vitality, optimism etc. Self-control is for efficiency of actions and internal peace. The approach is for achievement of the peak effect of development. The number of techniques should be full (comprehensive and at the same time the individual way of the influence in its right place).  

            The main techniques are: work with information, trainings, auto-suggestion, meditation, self-control, physical exercises.  

2.3 Political science. Bases of the Theory of Development of Society (TDS).

            Now the theory given is the only one in the world, describing the levels of development of society that follows democracy, not only and not so much from the point of view of growth of technologies (that the majority of other theories suggests) as practically concerning all basic components: dominating Weltanschauung (philosophy, ideology, system of values etc), the person (his levels of development, preparation as a personality etc), the whole system of interactions in society (interpersonal, legal, organization of authority, decision-making, etc.) and also the growth of technologies, other.  

            Feature 1. The basic model (the basic components and the laws of society) is universal and common for energy-informational systems: 1. Knowledge (the programs, dominating weltanschauung) forms the person, his aims, values etc. 2. People (objects) by virtue of the generated and inherent interests and abilities establish all existing connections. 3. Mutual relations (connections) moral, legal, economic etc, unite people into the Whole state and society. 4. Results of work of the Whole are knowledge, goods, living conditions etc.  

            Feature 2. Directions of modification of society (of the base model) two basic directions (allow to analyze the past and to model the variants of development of the future):  
            1. Levels of development are the qualitative passages on a scale of strengthening, complication and growth of the opportunities, precisely determined in all components of the model (then in their parts also).  
            2. Positivity is correlation of Good and Evil (it is determined according to conformity with the ideals of Good and Evil, conformity with their aims, laws, methods), deals with a part of elements.  
            Initial levels of development of society are well-known.
            1. Monarchy: the dominating weltanschauung is religion (bases of spirituality and knowledge of the world on the whole), the determinant work is physical, manual (handicraftsmen, peasants), the organization of the government personal leadership.
            2. Democracy: the knowledge includes science (about material) and religion (about spiritual), the determinant work is the organization of production etc (business, commerce), the government voting, elections. Its purposes are material welfare, social justice etc.  

            The following levels. 3. Spiritual Revival: the knowledge is spiritual, at a level of scientific strictness (about soul and destiny of the person, about achievement of Happiness, Power, Perfection), the determinant work is the organization of social life (authorities, public leaders), the government the complicated voting (the weight of vote of the parties should be determined) and procedure of elections (movement upwards according to the stages and results). The basic aim is the spiritual blessing of a person: opportunities of his growth as a personality, way of spending time, enjoyment from life, relations etc.  

            Level 4 is the following one, supposes the qualitative growth at all components: the knowledge is about the supreme, the determinant work is preparation of leaders, the authority is ideal, all the answers are found. The basic aim is service to the supreme Ideals, the supreme sense of existence of this world (after all the basic problems of the person will be already solved).  

3. Applied researches (external realization)

            As we have the completed theories the following task that is to be solved is how to realize these theories in the best way. The conditions of solution of these problems are not simple: A.The terms of realization. It would be nice to see the significant results outside within the next 5-10 years, but not after we depart. B. It is necessary to rely only on the own opportunities (resourses, specialists etc) neither Russia nor EU support researches concerning spirituality which is different from religion. C. Isolation of all spiritual things and the state and secular education, great divergence and conflictness in this sphere, imperfection of the legislation (e.g. Christians and satanists are equal in rights) etc.  

            1. Standards of the Noble: Person, Organization and Society are the main bases. The essence is to divide all existing cultural wealth and knowledge into two great parts: Good (to choose the general points, that are capable to unite the most part of those who pay high tribute to the positive values) and Evil (all vices that are necessary for everyone to get rid of). The following step is shaping of the hierarchy of these values, personal merits etc. on the levels (the stages of development). All this gives: Regulations concerning shaping of the Person, the Organization and the Society. B. System of estimation of their spiritual component.  

            2. Educational programs concerning shaping of the Person as the Personality: Power, Happiness, Perfection, Success, etc. Creation of conditions for realization of the Project.  

            3. The project Spiritual Revival of the Person and the Society creates additional standards for the Worthy Organizations depending on type of their activity; it is directed on intensification of all positive processes in the society; creates conditions for qualitative change of the society in general (the following projects).  

3.1. Standards for the Noble Ones

            One of the sources of the society problems is the lack of the admitted unified standards for the Noble Ones: the Person, the Organization and the Society. Clearly formulated, comprehensible and common standards. The development and bringing in of these standards will help to start and realize the procedures of purposeful development of merits and the corresponding defects elimination. As a first approximation these standards are the following.  

            The Noble person (it is not easy to meet the demands, but everybody would like to live among the people of the kind). 
            1. Service (to the society, the God, the supreme ideals) any work (just in the best way, for the sake of the whole), public work (in any organization, altruisticly), donations.  
            2. Development continuous spiritual perfection in any system (religion, school etc), fulfillment of the main demands (honesty, respect, ethics,etc).  
            3. Highest possible self-actualization career (without occupying the place of somebody else), professional development etc.  
            4. Relationship the best in creation of the surrounding and in private life, ethics, feelings, mutual aid, no betrayal, etc.  
            5. Way of life pastime (evening parties, balls, recitals, but not drinking-bout or lying on a sofa with a newspaper), sport, lack of bad habits etc.  

            Worthy Organization. 1. Realization in its body all the standards of the Noble Person. 2. Fulfillment of the requirements for the leader, purity of business, etc.  

            Worthy society, Society of the future has to define all the spiritual problems and solve them.  

3.2. Educational programs

            Program forming principles besides the standard principles (from simple to complicated, theory and practice combination etc.) the following are used: 1. Information introduction (its amount) is proportional to the influence on the final result: leadership, professionalism, condition and destiny of a person (harmonicity, integrity) on the basis of the corresponding balance factors determination. 2. Notional completeness motivation, determination, realization etc. 3. Purity selection of statements that correspond to: the ideals of the Good and set objectives. 4. Integrity and modularity combination independence of themes, in case of several themes unification new quality, their synergism. Others.  

            The main directions to shape the Personality and the Leader: Beliefs (Knowledge about the world and people, Worthy Aims, Tasks, Personal merits and reactions to events, etc.), common Organization and Management, Professionalism. High attention is payed to forming of groups and worthy relationship, way of life for the Noble Ones.  

            Main components of the programs. Knowledge has to open the potential of a Person, show the life as an opportunity, show horizons, inspire and positively incite to creative activity etc, but not to cause depression and deprive opportunities and belief in oneself (knowledge that makes a person weak and mean, selfish and treating the world negatively has to be declared as inadequate). Some examples. The world is an opportunity (use it). The World justice (learn its laws). The most powerful person wins (learn from the successful). A deceived person will avenge (be honest). Others.  

            Life aims of the Person should be complete (to cover all the life spheres), positive (activity directed to creation, spiritual and material good of the society and a person), agree with the wants (of the soul) and the level of a Person (feasible, inspire), open the potential to the maximum (personal and professional development), be harmoniously combined (no contradictions). The problems that are being solved are aimlessness (depressions etc), contradictions (business or family etc), lack of development (nondisclosure of potential, lack of growth), lack of realization of desires (disappointment, aggression etc), inability (lack of skills, unreadiness etc.)and others. The aims themselves are given in the paragraph 2.2.  

            The author's programs are meant for people with obtained higher education for 15 years of permanent training. They also help to develop the system of continuous education and upbringing of a person for several decades with 2-3-4 classes per week that last 2.5-4 hours. Almost all the programs are certified by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine and have been tested for 15 years in the Centre Development of the Person and its branches. The results of their work are briefly given in the paragraph 4.1-4.3.  

3.3 Project Spiritual Revival of the Person and Society

            The aims and essence of the Project are development and practical realization of the unified standards of the noble: Person, Organization and Society (briefly introduced in the paragraph 3.1).  

            Principles. 1. These standards should be based on common for all mankind values, common for all world religions, positive spiritual and esoteric schools, easily accepted by the science, state and society. 2. The Project should include as many as possible people, lead the society to unity and remove as many problems and contradictions as possible. 3. For this purpose the supreme spiritual values: Honor, Dignity, Nobility, many other things should reach all the spheres of the social life exactly via the Science.  

            The essential principles of the standards for the Noble Ones. 1. Standards for a Person are given above.  

            2. Organizations their purity and usefulness for the society (their service): 9 directions (science, education, spirituality, power, business, public and youth movements, culture, mass media), 45 programs. For example charity and patronage development, bringing in programs of shaping of a person as a personality (set and achieve aims etc), new traditions that ennoble and elevate a person etc.  

            3. Society shaping of the common ideology and final aim, society pattern of 3rd and 4th levels of development. At least the society of the future has to get rid of the corresponding problems and give all the opportunities for a person to achieve Power, Happiness, Perfection etc.  

            A number of primarily nongovernmental institutions have been established to practically realize the Project and develop the proper directions. The main ones are: the Institute (interaction with scientific and educational organizations), the Media-holding (Project advancement, interaction with mass media), the Movement (nongovernmental and youth organizations), the Corporation (bringing the standards in business), the Party of Spiritual Revival of the Society (in politics and authorities) etc.  

4. Realization. Results of the System 1993-2007

            Results of the System (primarily the Authors work) are unique in many respects and deserve to draw the great attention and study in the future. The current task before giving anything to the society and wide audience, this should be realized and modeled within the limits of at least one organization. The main results are:  

            1. The results of our students development have demonstrated that a person using our knowledge, programs and methods is not just changeable but extremely and rapidly changeable (depending on his potential and problems, of course). The accordance to the standards of the Noble Ones is very high.  

            2. The activity in our internal divisions is also brought into correspondence with the standards of the Noble Organizations. Most of them are ready for the external activity and replication of their programs, experience and traditions.  

            3. The external directions of the System activity have been organized for the last two years to realize the main Project. The results of the most of them already deserve respect.  

4.1. Development of the Human

            It is necessary to determine the criteria of estimation to estimate the results of our students development. First of all it is right to take the statistics about accordance of people with the standards of the Noble Ones as a basis. 1. The way of Service is followed by 1-2% of people on the Earth. 2. The way of Development (regular study, 1-2-3 times per week) also 1-2%. 3. Maximum possible self-actualization about 7-8% of people. 4. Purposely form mutual relations 3-4%. The ideal out of them less than 1%. 5. Way of life according to all the requirements 1-2% also. Satisfy all these standards simultaneously 0.01-0.02% of people. Mainly they are the members of spiritual and knights' orders and a part of aristocracy (but they cannot replicate it).  

            Our students satisfy all these requirements in many respects. 1/3 of them, the leaders, satisfy almost all of them. Having usually the main job they master new professions, regularly attend the classes (2-3 times per week), do in for sports actively, do not have bad habits, work on the theses, take part in public and cultural life of the System etc. Generally they do not fall ill, look much younger, they are easy-tempered, friendly etc.  

            They often surpass most of the charismatic leaders by their merits and talents to influence on the audience thanks to our programs and trainings since they have great and rich inner world, perform easily, heartily etc. One can form his/her opinion after watching the videoblock on the website of the System.

            An important thing is that out students are as a rule ordinary people when they enter the System, owing to the System they become extraordinary. The history of the System and the Centre Development of the Personality forming is also displayed on the website and in the book Story of the CDP. 1993-2000 (based on our students stories).  

            The next stages of shaping of the students as the leaders of the System correspond to the development stages for the nearest 10-20 years: 1. Development of influence and the talents of a manager via participation in the common business project System&IntWay. 2. Development of talents for service and organization of significant social processes through realization of the Project Spiritual Revival of a Person and the Society. 3. Entrance to the politics and learning to reform enterprises. 4. Practical realization of the Theory of Development of the Society via working in the governing bodies.  

4.2. Processes. Internal

            Among the great number of achievements and particular qualities of the System the following should be underlined: 1. Training of our own specialists Spiritual Teachers and Healers on the basis of the authors programs. 2. Purposeful forming of worthy mutual relations. 3. Activity of the System Culture and development of creative talents of the followers. The final aim of these directions and many others is to study theoretically and practically all the corresponding laws, start all the necessary programs for its realization in the society.
            1. In fact Spiritual Teaching and Healing are developed to the level of new professions in the System. The lectors (the first stages of teaching) purposeful shaping of consciousness, mutual relations etc in the group. The Healers help people personally to solve first of all their internal problems. The whole training and work of these specialists is based on the authors programs and methods. The results are given in the paragraph 4.1 and the book Esoterics in practice (the tales of the followers), the blogs and the sites of our followers, proved by successful work with clients (work with people who do not study in the System).  

            2. Mutual relations are purposefully shaped, stage by stage, from the first meeting and to the highest ethics, trust, feelings and mutual aid. The basis is creation of the most powerful uniting basis: common aims, processes, ideals, values, traditions etc. The instruments are the purposeful study of the laws and the methods of mutual relations, a variety of trainings and other tasks, analysis and elimination of problems, cultivation of the proper attitude, etc.  

            3. The Culture of the System we realize the traditions for the Noble Ones in practice. The schedule of events is rather strict: 2-3 balls per one year, recitals once in 2 months, holiday performances 1-2 times per 2 months, debating-societies of the divisions of the System once in 3 weeks, also performances for different organizations. The main differences are: A. The atmosphere easiness, joy, aristocratic spirit and awakening of all the best merits inside a person. B. The guests are mostly active participants but not passive spectators. C. Those who perform are not professionals, but people who love what they do, who can share the state of their soul with other people. Culture and creative work in the System is not a job, but a part of everyones life.  

4.3. Processes. External

            One of the basic aims of the System is to make each student strong and successful person to the maximum, the superleader, at the same time in order to give everyone the opportunity to make the greatest possible contribution to the positive transformations of society. The organizations where our students work on a voluntary basis in the beginning, with stage-by-stage passage to the professional form are created for this purpose in the System. All these organizations realize the aims, tasks and projects of the System on the basis of ideas of its founder. Some of them already have a number of significant results that are confirmed by participation in various actions, publications, lots of appreciations and awards.  

            Institute Development of the Person and Society is for science and education, first of all in the field of philosophy, physics, psychology and political science. Creation of the own scientific school.  

            Politics of Spiritual Revival of Society (PSRS) is for ideology, politics and authority. A basis is the theory of Development of Society: the purpose is the Person, the method is authority of the Noble, democracy is not the ideal but a step to it.  

            Movement of Spiritual Revival of the Person and Society is for mutual relations, traditions of society, culture and public organizations. For everything real, noble, lofty and fine.  

            Media-Holding is for mass-media in order to eliminate everything for sale, tastelessness and nasty stuff to develop the worthy aims, elevated values, to raise the spirit of the Person and the nation.  

            Corporation. Fund is for business and other activities: revival of traditions of charity and patronage of art, corporative ethics, ideology and culture, peak efficiency with a help of light methods, etc.  

            The Sozidaniye publishing house is for society and culture through the literature: the publication of books by M.Y.Mianiye and the students of the System, the magazine, booklets etc.  

            The Order of the System is the model of the ideal organization. On the basis of the programs of Service and Development it unites all sectors of the System, its best representatives and the best representatives of society (according to the choice of the Way, merits and achievements) into the Whole.  
            WUDSES doctoral studies, its representation in Ukraine. More than two tens of theses are being prepared for presentation, concerning essentially new subjects. Certainly they are being prepared on the basis of works of the Author and according to the author's program.  

            The "Charity" sector. Its peculiarities agree with the features of the System: people who participate, bring the donations are our students. The basic thing is not a welfare but spiritual concern to arouse the pleasure, to give a holiday etc. The sector has lots of appreciations.  

5. Realization. The strategy of the development. 2007-2015

            The final aim of the System is to fulfill the maximum possible changes of Person and all the main spheres of the social life. That is why all the projects that are being realized are long-dated and massive. Success of realization will depend upon each person which will have the access to this information: whether he will keep on believing in bad (it is easier, it is possible to justify oneself) or start believing in good, in the possibility of the beautiful future (whether he will support this or continue staying alone).  

            Stage 1. Internet TV introduction of the program of development of the Person, forming of mutual relations etc to the society directly through the Internet, omitting all bureaucratic and other obstacles. It provides conditions for the Project.  

            Stage 2. Realization of the Project Spiritual Revival of Person and Society - creation of the corresponding organizations at the local level and launching of the necessary processes.  

            Stage 3,4. Business. Potitics. Power selection of the leaders (conformity with the Standards, ability for development, efficiency of application of the Internet TV programs), realization of the following projects concerning development of Person, Organization and Society.  

5.1. Stage 1. Internet TV. System&IntWay

            Internet TV of the System starting from 2008 represents all the main developments of the System and accomplish the following tasks: 1. Development of the Person, building as the Personality, as the Leader (one of the basics of the Project, beginning of its realization). 2. Training of the specialists for the System and the following steps of realization of the Project. 3. Financial self-sufficiency (the major part of the Internet TV programs/lessons is requiring payment). The advantages of the Internet TV are possibility of the worldwide broadcasting without limitations, conveniently for the people (any time, any program), getting of the information from the primary source (the lessons are mainly conducted by the author recording of the basic lectures in the System).
            Programs of the Internet TV of the System directed first of all towards those things that are first and foremost for accomplishment of the posed tasks and that are not present or superficially present in the institutions of higher education, Internet etc. The first courses: 1. Beliefs, aims and values of the Leader (The World is the opportunity, use it. The World is just, perceive its rules and act. Learn from successful people. Be friends with worthy people. The aims choose the best etc). The most complicated tasks suppose the qualitative changes of a person, his or her choice. 2. The general foundations for Organizations and Management independently of the line of work (Inspiration. Rules. Leaders and Personnel. Discipline. Gratitude and Responsibility). 3. Professional knowledge (high technologies in modern life are necessary even if not for everybody than for the many).  

            The following courses: The Standards of the Noble that are the next step of building of the Personality and the Leader. The Theory of Development of Society which is the basis for the Project. The courses concerning all the main directions for realization of the Project. Specialized courses for training of the personnel of the System. The total duration of the study including all programs is from 7 to 15 years.  

            System&IntWay utilization of the resources of IntWay World Corporation for study of the Internet TV of the System (sites, hosting, payment systems etc). It is also used for introduction of the programs of the System to business, their practical testing by the broad audience and development of influence by the audience of the System through the practical work in the company (the result is achievement of Top 110 of the leaders after 7 months).  

5.2. Stage 2. The project. The basic realization

            A person should correspond to every business. The task of Internet TV is to lead the best to the following stage of development, to the stage of service finally paying attention to the things that excite almost each person (the sense of life, self-modifying etc). At the same time the task is to lead not one by one but by the organized collectives (groups of Internet TV training, their organizational mechanisms are not presented here) with traditions, with the revealed leaders.  

            The basic realization means connection of people and collectives to the corresponding directions of the Project and the organizations of the System (item 4.3.). All the processes are focused upon self-development. The following tasks are being elaborated for each direction of the Project: A.Video courses of the corresponding lectures, broadcasting of all necessary forms (clubs, seminars, etc.), support. B. All necessary rules and organizational mechanisms (optimal conditions for replication of the given processes).  
            From the point of view of development of superleaders this is a following step. Step 1. System&IntWay helps to develop the power of influence, abilities to help ordinary people with higher education. Step 2. The Project needs control of attention, influence upon more spiritually mature audience, upon people that follow the way of service (Financial and administrative instruments are absent. Only personal authority and ability to persuade exists). The following steps are entrance to the big business, politics, government and the world science of our students and other worthy people who show the best results in all directions of the Project and the System.  

5.3. Stage 3 and 4. Business. Politics. Power

            Stage 3. Entrance to a big business. Two main directions.  

            Direction 1. Introduction of the Standards of the Noble Ones of the System to functioning enterprises and organizations. The aim is to show that using of our programs can substantially strengthen each specialist, personnel as a whole and finally the efficiency of work: development of a person he becomes stronger, happier and frendlier; service strengthens inspiration, compassion, altruism, forming of mutual relations, traditions and increases confidence, mutual understanding, respect etc; direct programs directed to the discipline, hierarchy, management etc are also vitally important.  

            Direction 2. Purchase or creation of new enterprises and organizations is necessary for realization of the programs of their complete conformity with the Standards of the Noble and with the rules of work of the ideal organizations where the concern for people is shown not only in material but also in spiritual sphere. For superleaders, the future politicians it is the priceless experience. After reforming of work of 3-5 enterprises the teams will be ready to the solution of any most complex organizational tasks.  

            Stage 4. The entrance to politics and authorities. The entrance to politics is the opportunity to touch upon the most important questions on the different tribunes: Dignity and Honour, their influence on public processes, Good and Evil, the future of mankind etc. The task is to achieve the victory of the light ideas finally, else there is a probability of return of the dark ideas (fascism etc). The following stage lies in selection of the most worthy persons and in development of strength for the formation of superleaders.  

            The entrance to the authorities is possible after achievement of the corresponding conditions (support of the Project and the representatives of the System by sufficient part of the population). Creation of the society of Spiritual Revival in this case will be the most effective.  

January, 2008

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